Bunker Hill Baptist Church
Monday, December 10, 2018
Sharing a Vision For God's Kingdom


Prayer Intercessors This Week
Monday, December 10 Kurt Lowery
Tuesday, December 11 Melvin Grant
Wednesday, December 12 Teresa Speights; Garrett &Ashley Douglas
Thursday, December 13 Ruby Nalls
Friday, December 14 Pansy Ladner
Saturday, December 15 David Brown &James Robbins
Sunday, December 16 Beverly Mcneese; Phillip &Connie Hitt
The December Food Pantry Item is Rice.
Will is looking to put together a book " Stories from the Bunker" to give to our graduating Seniors. He would like people from our congregation to give their stories of faith, overcoming trials, success, words of advice, etc... Each story needs to be 2 or 3 pages long. If you have any questions, please contact Will.
MS Blood Services Platelet Crisis

Platelets Needed for Ariel Rayburn of Columbia

Ariel is 3 years old and the daughter of John Wesley &Jennifer Rayburn of Columbia. She was diagnosed with leukemia this week and is in great need of platelets. MS Blood Services is handling her donations and her donation code is " Ariel Rayborn DS00". MS Blood Services is who sends donations to Blair E Batson Children's Hospital where Ariel is. They currently have ZERO platelets to send to hospitals. You can call MS Blood Services at (601)368-2673 to schedule your donation. Or you can contact Lonnie Hutson, Ariel's grandfather at (601)447-1556 and he will help set up an appointment.
Some facts to know about the donation process according to MS Blood Services:
* Female donors who been pregnant and are donating platelets and/or plasma will be tested for HLA antibodies. The purpose is to reduce the risk of complications for a patient receiving the donation. Female donors who have been pregnant are more likely to develop HLA antibodies since the baby's HLA is not the same as the mother.

* Donors who test positive for HLA antibodies can still donate whole blood and RBC, but will be restricted from any automated donations that would include plasma and/or platelets.
Attention Senior Adults: We will have our Annual Christmas Party on Tuesday, December 11th at 11:30a.m. We will be going to Broad Street Restaurant in Columbia. Our church bus will leave the church @ 11:15a.m. and take us to Broad Street Restaurant. Please bring a wrapped $5 gift for the gift exchange. We're looking forward to a wonderful time of sharing. Mark your calendar and plan to attend.
Menu for Wednesday, December 12th: Country Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Seasoned Green Beans, Rolls, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Heaven. The Kitchen Helper for this week is Debbie Ostheimer.
The Mission Friends will be doing their annual Bike-a-thon to raise money for Lottie Moon on Wednesday, December 12th @ 6:15p.m. in the FAC. Please come and support them as they ride for our missions!
The Monthly Business Meeting will be on Wednesday, December 12th @ 6:30p.m. The Financial statements are located on the information tables.
Nursery Workers for Sunday, December 16th:
Bed Babies- Ricky &Teresa Dyess
Toddlers- Leigh Bourne &Marsha Hodges
The Children's and Adult Choir's Christmas Programs will be Sunday, December 16th @ 11:00a.m.
The Children's Christmas Party will be on Sunday, December 16th @ 5:00p.m. They will be traveling on the church bus to visit shut-ins so please send appropriate clothing ( such as jackets, gloves, etc..) After visiting shut-ins, they will come back to the FAC and have refreshments.
The Secretary's Office will be closed on Monday, December 24th.
The Silent Lord's Supper will be on Monday, December 24th @ 6:30p.m.
The Church Office will be closed on Christmas Day.
There will be no Wednesday night activities on December 26th.